Daily Trailer Insights – Office Christmas Party Official Trailer 1 (2016)

So what does the trailer tells us?

The trailer tells us that this is another star-studded Hollywood comedy that will grace our screens near Christmas and typically the trailer looks loud, ambitious and provides this “seen it all before” type feel to it.

Have we all been there? At a Christmas party with work and then all of a sudden you wake up next day and feel this deepening regret of what you did in front of your colleagues? And you just want to hide away and not face the music? You may have tried it on with your boss or threw up all over the expensive buffet or just got uncomfortably rowdy when your favourite song came on. Well from the trailer this film is about that and it throws a couple of stars in there and you can only guess that it will be wild.

Unfortunately I did not laugh at this trailer so hopefully, the film does more than its boring trailer.

General Information

Starring: Jason Bateman, Jennifer Aniston, and Kate McKinnon

Excitement rating: 1 star out of 5.

By Dan Hart

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