Daily Trailer Insights – Emily & Tim Official Trailer 1 (2016)

So what does the trailer tell us?

As the trailer suggests this film is about the marriage of Emily and Tim over half a century. A marriage that is tumultuous at best. The trailer gives off a good feeling with beautiful piano tones and shows glances of different scenes and dialogue. On face value, the trailer does not show much at all and it looks overall quite dull. The dialogue does not match the happy tones of the piano which confused me slightly.

The trailer gives the impression that this will be a scene to scene dialogue orientated slow moving film with a hint of comedy to keep the audience engaged. Expect long scenes of interesting dialogue as the story of Emily and Tim unfolds and you learn about their relationship through a period of time.

The film was originally released in Canada, August 2015 and to be fair the trailer must not give it much justice because it has an overall IMDB rating of 8.4 so this is something to look forward to.

Not an exciting trailer though but the feature length must have a lot in store.

General Information

Starring: Alexis Bledel, Kathleen Turner, Thomas Mann
Director: Eric Weber, Sean Devaney

Excitement rating: 2 stars out of 5

By Dan Hart

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