Daily Indie Trailer Insights – Better Off Single Official Trailer 1 (2016)

Fandango Movieclip Channel describe it as

“Better Off Single” is the NYC dating comedy that follows one man’s hallucination-fueled, post-breakup quest to find new love… and himself. When Charlie Carroll (Aaron Tveit) quits his job and his girlfriend (Abby Elliott) on the same day, it seems as though he’s finally found freedom. But after a quick dip in the dark waters of the NYC dating pool, Charlie begins to wonder if he’s made a mistake. He’s not equipped for single life. In fact, Charlie might not be equipped for life in general. With no job and no love, Charlie is forced to go on a journey of self-discovery so intense that he begins to suffer from surreal hallucinations, flashbacks, and sex fantasies. Will he find “the one?” Or did that ship sail, taking with it his only hope for relationship sanity?

What the trailer tells us

Romantic comedies, if you can call this romantic comedy. They are usually predictable about two people who for whatever reasons go down two different narrative paths which usually ends with both of those paths joining up. The result equals love, and that is usually the sole premise of ‘romcoms’. The romcom formula uses successful ingredients for the use of spurting out regurgitated, recycled films that we’ve all seen before. Gets boring doesn’t it?

Better Off Single looks to present a narrative uniquely different to the norm. The plot summary above and the trailer provides hope that we will be watching a quirky, funny film about human failure when it comes to the single life. Single life is often a missed criterion when it comes to romantic and romantic comedy movies. Single life is rarely celebrated as we live in a world modified by expectations that everyone should find their partner and settle down, but there are many cases where people find a solution for the single life. The plot summary mentions how single life allows the main character achieve self-discovery which another aspect that I feel is lost in romantic films at times. I do not think this movie will overkill this angle. It will probably allow us to witness a bumbling young man failing to find someone who wants to partner with, and it will predictably end in some romantic gesture.

The good thing is that the trailer is not predictable. The trailer itself is quite tentative with music and comedy. It is not in your face but quite ordinary looking to how it is presented to the audience. You get the sense that the full-length feature will provide more cringe moments than actual full belly laughs, but some comedies work by approaching it that way.

This film will try to achieve a witty, honest date movie with nothing held back.

General Information

Starring: Aaron Tveit, Lauren Miller, and Annaleigh Ashford
Director: Benjamin Cox

Excitement rating: 3 stars out of 5

By Dan Hart

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