FIFT EP17 – John Wick: Chapter 1 with guest Jonathon Wilson

On this episode, we discuss and debate John Wick Chapter 1, in anticipation of the newly released chapter 2, and delve into the character and the world of the retired ex-hitman. We do this with the help of guest Jonathon Wilson, an experienced writer and critic who put this film forward for this podcast to discuss. As always, we discuss Thoughts of the Week and our engagement with the film community on Twitter, answer any questions raised by our listeners and give the chance for the guest to Beat the Host.

Episode Summary:

00:00 Intro & Guest – Jonathan Wilson
02:30 Film Pick This Week & Why
03:54 Laura’s Pregnancy Update
05:50 Movie Discussion – John Wick Chapter 1
45:40 Thoughts Of The Week – ‘badly rated films that you love’
55:34 Beat The Host
01:02:30 Guest Plugin & Outro

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