FIFT EP22 – Logan with guest Pete D Gaskell

On this episode, we discuss, review and debate Logan – the final chapter of the Wolverine story that has taken the film world by storm. We do this with the help of guest Pete D Gaskell, who hosts his own comedy podcast called Smorgasbored. WARNING – We do discuss Spoilers! As always, we answer any questions raised by our listeners and give the chance for the guest to Beat the Host and this week it is a Wolverine quiz, which as usual, ends in some form of controversy.

Episode Summary:

00:00 Intro & Guest – Pete D. Gaskell (Smorgasbored Podcast)
02:50 Thoughts on the X-Men Series
11:50 Logan Discussion / Debate / Review
01:26:50 Questions from our Listeners
01:36:15 Beat The Host – Wolverine Quiz
01:55:00 Guest Plugin & Outro

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