FIFT EP 23 – The Rock (1996) and Michael Bay

On this episode, we discuss and debate Michael Bay’s 1996 The Rock, a film the director describes as his favourite movie of his own. We also delve further and discuss Michael Bay’s career and the controversies against him. As always, we answer questions raised by our listeners and we do a quiz arranged by Laura the quiz master. This week’s quiz is questions surrounding action films, Nic Cage and The Rock and this one is very, very close…

Episode Summary:

00:00 Introductions
04:20 The Rock (1996) Debate & Discussion
01:03:45 Questions From Our Listeners
01:10:50 Director Michael Bay Debate & Discussion
01:27:40 More Questions From Our Listeners
01:31:45 The Quiz – Action films, Nic Cage & The Rock (1996)
01:43:35 Closing Comments, Plugins & Outro

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